Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fizik Arione: Speedy Dots Set

Hand dyed tan set with speedy dots in burgundy
 flowers from Simon for my wife for taking the photos

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Selle SMP: Quilted Green

Classic quilted saddle to match a vintage Porsche 356 interior.
Matching green kangaroo leather perforated through bar tape.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Selle Italia SLR: Peter W's Italian Job

The Italian Job

Selle Italia SLR: MOOTS

MK's brandy coloured kangaroo leather with 'titanium' perforation detail. Matching tape also in brandy kangaroo. Moot's name in raised relief technique.

Selle Italia SLR: Natural with Belgian Perforations

Selle SMP: Natural

A simple classic recover for J.A's Selle SMP and matching tape seen here on his Firefly.

AX Lightness: Natural

Ken's SMP was a bit rotten so he sent me this AX Lightness saddle. Covered in natural kangaroo with a little bit of padding added. Plain smooth bar tape to match.

Selle San Marco Zoncolan: Natural with Black Perforations

Specialized Oura: Animal

Trying to match the leopard print bar tape on a white leather saddle using the colour backed perforation technique.

Fizik Arione: Croc Belly Set

Arione saddle in natural crocodile raw crust belly leather. Mini credit card fold wallet lined in natural kangaroo and matching bar tape with angled square perforation arrangement.

Fizik Arione: Black Croc

Hand dyed crocodile raw crust and bar tape with perforations in angled squares arrangement.

Fizik Arione: 71

Arione 71 for a Colnago C60 taking inspiration from the frame paint scheme

Fizik Aliante: Spider

Spider's spider saddle!

Fizik Aliante: Half Tone Skull

The skull motif perforated (by hand) to create a half tone effect. A Ziggy Stardust reference in the right eye socket and coloured to coordinate with Andrew's Cannondale Synapse Hi Mod Disc. It was a challenge but very rewarding.

Selle Italia Flite: Llewellyn's Heart

Motif from Llewellyn Bicycles signature seat stay bridge detail.